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Highly recommended!

I am so overwhelmed that the men Mr. Rehan is highly educated and yet running a workshop. I visited there for my Car inspection and diagnostics and they did it very well. Thank you sir for all your recommendations and advice.

Muhammad Rehan Mobin

One of the best EFI Car Scanning workshop!

One of the best EFI car scanning tuning and hybrid maintenance workshop in Karachi.
Very organized educated people I have ever met in this field.
Seen the latest gadgets and improved mileage in my Nissan Juke.
Moreover, I have seen other people using acid for catalytic converter cleaning but here at the Tiptronic workshop they are using specially formulated German liquid for catalytic converter cleaning.
A wonderful experience of car maintenance at Tiptronic.

Rehan Octane

Awesome Job!!!!!

Awesome Job!!!!! You are the BEST… I have had a very satisfying service which I never experienced before. Customer service is not only great but also this guy has a lot of knowledge about his work. He knows what he is doing and will not misguide or overcharge for anything unnecessary.. I have had other people who would overcharge for unnecessary stuff but not HIM for which I would go back again and would highly recommend Tiptronic to my friends and family as well! If you need your car in good hands then This is the place for sure. Thank you for taking care of me Tiptronic. You are the BEST, keep up the good work.

Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi

Awesome maintenance facility!

Awesome maintenance facility not only for hybrid cars also for non-hybrid cars.
Very much satisfied with the quality and services done.
Equipped with the latest technology and types of equipment.

Shayan Gaba